Our Services

Our work is customized to our client’s goals and is always delivered with a high level of service, attention to detail, and discretion. While every job is unique, we focus on two main areas of business:

C-Suite and Operating Partner Placements

We specialize in C-level and operating partner placement for private equity and sovereign wealth funds, as well as technology and digital-enabled assets. We also work with public and private companies that share a need for focused and result-oriented professionals. With over 150 years of experience collectively, our partners understand the traits and characteristics that make an exceptional leader. While many pedigreed Fortune 500 leaders have excellent résumés, many just don’t have the qualities that are needed for certain roles. We know how to look beyond the résumé to discover strong leaders.

Lancor Advisory Business

Our Lancor Advisory Business ("LAB") offers clients far more than most executive search firms. We help private equity funds discover and evaluate forthcoming deals via access to leading executives in various industries. This alignment is strengthened by the fact that Lancor shares risk and co-invests pari-passu with the private equity firm on many projects. As a result, we are even more determined to create the best management teams for those portfolio companies.

How LAB Works

We help our PE firms deliver value across the entire lifecycle of an M&A process. In the first stage, our executives determine what assets may be interesting to acquire within sub-sectors that are specific to each PE firm.

Next, we examine deal teams to determine if the identified companies are ideal to own. Then we focus on the best value creation plan for each asset. This is done through asset-specific insights from our network.

In the final stage, we work directly with the new PE owners and management teams to upgrade talent within the company once they have assumed ownership.