Diversity & Inclusion

At Lancor, we are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workforce. Diverse workforces result in stronger, more impactful, and more successful companies. We partner with our clients to help advance their DE&I objectives, presenting them with a diverse and dynamic group of candidates in terms of age, race and gender.

While a commitment to DE&I has many benefits, a critical one is that diverse leadership teams also increase the overall success of a company. Companies with diverse leaders and employees have been shown to outperform companies that have homogenous leadership. A more varied set of opinions and perspectives results in more advanced problem solving than groups that are more similar. We are focused on helping to advance DEI in executive leadership through our work at Lancor.

Diversity in PE Boards and C-Suites is not only a socially-responsible decision, but is proven to drive higher returns.
A more varied set of opinions and perspectives bring about better decision-making and problem solving, than groups that are more similar. This is even the case when leaders are from the top schools and/or top corporate training programs.

A recent McKinsey study found that the top 25% of companies featuring workforce diversity were 33% more likely to outperform their competition with more homogenous leadership.

Companies with above-average total diversity had both a 19% increase in innovation revenue and a 9% points higher EBIT margins, on average, according to Harvard Business Review.

A more diverse group always outperformed the top, pure performers, by a substantial margin in the research of Scott Page, author of The Diversity Bonus: How Great Teams Pay Off in the Knowledge Economy.

A recent study by HEC showed that “buyout teams with at least one woman outperformed all-male teams by an average of 12% of IRR (internal rate of return) and a remarkable 52 cents per dollar invested.”  

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