Private Equity Advisory Services

We don’t just aid in finding essential executive talent, we create investment opportunities for clients by leveraging human capital.

Industry Experience & Expertise

Cutting across industries, we provide clients with deep sector coverage that matches their investment preferences.

Working across the globe requires our partners to be well-versed in their industries and subject areas. When you need thorough corporate advisory work, we know you expect the highest degree of professionalism, discretion, and delivery of more than just the bare essentials. With this expertise, Lancor partners are able to access the top talent from each sector.

From healthcare to technology, from entertainment to industrial, our partners will use their detailed industry insight to provide consultative services to our clients.

Talent’s Impact on Diligence

Access to the right talent during the due diligence phase gives our clients an advantage in their market.

As you become a client, we’ll provide the tools and corporate advice to empower your decision making. During our partnership with you, we want to know both near and long-term goals. We then are able to provide intel from the broader marketplace to aid in your M&A thesis. In doing so, we can empower you to optimize the thesis, the valuation, and the exit strategies.

Earlier Looks Lead to Better Decisions

We’ll engage with you over what is coming up for sale, and design tactics to get in front of those situations before the market heats up.

True competitive advantage comes from insider perspectives. Lancor leverages its partners’ decades of executive relationships to shortcut your access to the most interesting information on an asset. We work with you inside an economic model that provides maximum flexibility around how you pay for the value you receive.

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We’re always happy to have a conversation about what we do, why, and how.

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