A Personal, Collaborative Process for Executive Search

We partner with you to find the right leadership talent for your needs

Trusted Advisor and Thoughtful Partner

We are a trusted advisor to our clients, leveraging our extensive executive network and partnering with you in early stages to ensure results from the start.

In order to build a relationship, you need to establish a good foundation. We start our executive search process with strategic, in-depth discovery that serves as our cornerstone where we develop a comprehensive understanding of you, your business, your market, your competitive position, and the issues you face. We look at the culture and relationships that shape your company and the values and qualities that give it identity.

Once we have established a good foundation, we spend the majority of the discovery stage focused on understanding what you want to accomplish and why. Lancor adds value not only through our own experience and industry knowledge, but through our ability to access third-party experts on your behalf, broadening our reach to find you the right candidate.

4-Step Structured Project Management Process

Working as an extension of our clients, we drive the agenda with structured project management


Position Profile

We begin with a tailored position profile that clarifies the role and goals of the opportunity, specifying the hard criteria (e.g., skills and competencies, education, industry expertise) and soft attributes (e.g., style, cultural fit) that will define a successful candidate.


The Search Strategy

We set out a blueprint for approaching the market, targeting potential candidates according to industry sector, functional expertise, exposure to key issues, geography, or any combination of the above.


Assessment and Appraisals

We will assess each candidate’s fit according to our position profile and make you aware of any issues you should consider.


Referencing and Diligence

Objective validation. We create a “map” of key senior executives and board members with whom the finalist has worked with, not just the names they nominate themselves.

What Our Clients are Saying

See what our clients thought about our collaborative process. 

“As with many software companies, the main asset at Trace One is its people. The biggest challenge with this search was to rapidly find a new CEO who would be accepted by the team whilst reinventing the company under this new ownership. Lancor understood the challenge and Christophe has met both our expectations and goals. In his first full year, the focus has been on longer-term growth, including new product launches, a revised commercial strategy, identification of cross-selling opportunities and operational changes to support growth and scalability. At the same time, revenues have increased and EBITDA grew 51% (2017).”
- Bertrand Sciard, Executive Chairman | Trace One

“Atlantic Street hired Lancor to run the Uniguest CEO search, and we had a positive experience in a number of ways. The company was looking for its next generation of leadership and Lancor quickly introduced us to the perfect candidate. His background was unusually relevant for what we envisioned. Luckily the timing worked out well, and with Lancor’s help we moved quickly to get him in the chair. We’re very excited about the prospects going forward.”
- Peter Shabecoff, Managing Partner | Atlantic Street Capital

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