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We focus on the most strategic directives to provide companies with the top candidates for their business.

Private equity firms and other investment groups come to us searching for their next CEO, CFO, COO, other C-suite executives, and board members.

Having a network that extends across 25+ industries, we have the ability to pair experienced candidates with their next big career move. We identify the traits and expertise a business requires and match them with an individual whose strengths reflect that.

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If you are interested in a career change with Lancor’s assistance, connect with us by submitting your resume/CV. We work with Not Actively Looking to offer you the most secure way to provide us your information. Please follow the link below and register to be available for our consideration.

NotActivelyLooking is a confidential and secure platform that allows you to manage the information you provide to us, including up-to-date career information, key achievements, skills, and future aspirations.


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