Q3 Firm Update: North America

Looking Back on Q2

As the first half of the year is already behind us, we would like to update you on what's happening in our Lancor offices and practices around the globe. This quarter has already presented exciting searches for clients including: 

Lancor CEO and CFO Search

Below you'll find a selection of our completed searches for the first half of 2018, an update from our Advisory business, as well as a few of our most recently published articles. As always, thank you for including us in your network and please let us know how we can serve you in the future.


Highlighted Searches Q1-Q2

Lancor Executive Search Placements Q1-Q2

Update from the "LAB": Lancor's Advisory Business

The LAB continues to evolve in our value creation efforts for both PE firms and executives through two new streams of executive-led talent. These include:

1. Lancor 5%-ers: Executives who have demonstrated repetitive and substantial returns for PE firms. This stream allows top decile executives to meet top decile sponsors for both current and future opportunities.

2. Lancor Litmus Test: Allows PE firms to speak with two or three executives either right before or right after a closing to preview top talent without committing to a full search. These are in addition to the traditional asset-specific executives we introduce to provide tailored origination and diligence insight.

These streams have produced significant opportunities for both executives and Lancor's LAB clients throughout the past quarter. Please click here to inquire about these services and learn more.


Recent Blog Post

Top 10 Takeaways from the ACG Value Creation Conference

Lancor Partner, Scott Estill, joined fellow investment professionals and operating partners as a presenter at the ACG Value Creation conference in June. Presenters discussed operational engagement, how to create value as an investor, and shared best practices. Click here to read Scott's top 10 takeaways.


Recent Blog Post

CFOs as Operating Partners: Giving it a Try


If you’re a multi-time, PE-savvy CFO, chances are you’ve been called about an Operating Partner role… and chances are, you may have simply blown it off. Out of the last 50 recruiting calls you’ve received, maybe you got 1 or 2 for Ops Partner roles; but be assured, those numbers will be steadily increasing in the near term. Click here to keep reading. 



Recent Case Study

Trace One Chief Executive Officer

Trace One CEOIn a classic situation in which the founder of a software business sold to a Private Equity firm leaving the chair in charge, Lancor worked with the firm to place a CEO who would help grow this high-potential business.

Trace One Chief Executive Officer

Meghan Morrow

Director of Marketing