Paine & Partners Appoints Adam Fless Managing Director

 Paine & Partners Appoints Adam Fless Managing DirectorThis past week, Paine & Partners appointed Adam Fless Managing Director - Portfolio Performance. Having run dozens of Operating Partner searches over the years, we are conditioned to projects taking a long time to complete. Each firm's culture is so unique that it generally takes numerous meetings for a firm's partners to feel comfortable enough to extend an offer to an outsider. That said, once in a while a client can surprise you with the focus and conviction they bring to the process. Dexter Paine is just such a client.

If I was doing an NPS on Dexter he'd get a 10. He committed himself to the process, was open minded and thoughtful, and went anywhere he needed to be in order to get in front of the best people.  And it was only because of this over the top effort that he put himself in a position to attract Adam Fless onto his team. I'm proud to have played a part in it. 

Adam understood the importance of this role inside Paine & Partners. He saw a chance to lead the platform for a group of disciplined and seasoned investors. It's going to be great to watch their partnership play out. The LPs should feel excellent about their investments. 

Headhunters recruit candidates, but clients close them. Dexter is a shining example of it done right. Congratulations to both Dexter and Adam. Wishing them much success.

Click here to read the full press release - Paine & Partners Appoints Adam Fless Managing Director - Portfolio Performance.

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Chris Conti

As a Partner at Lancor, Chris' practice is principally dedicated to serving private equity firms in North America and Europe. For the last ten years, he has focused on operating partner and other fund administration roles, and on C-suite roles for those firms’ portfolio companies, located around the world. He leads Lancor's Private Equity Practice and coordinates the firm’s coverage model in serving its clientele. He has spoken at various conferences on the role of the operating partner and, in 2008, BusinessWeek magazine recognized Chris as one of the “Top 100 World’s Most Influential Headhunters.”